Techniques of Persuasion : Motivating The Consumer

NAMA: Annisa Sutan Zainal

NPM: 10612981

Kelas: 1SA04

Dosen: Mr. Romel & Mrs. Mila Rosmaya

Universitas Gunadarma Kalimalang

Stacking is the list of reasons why the product or service is good.
L’oreal Shampoo.
Because the ad mentions the list of reasons why it is good. First, it has the ability to repair 5 kinds of damaged hair.
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Makes product or service familiar to consumer

Anlene Program 10.000 Langkah
The program invited all kinds of people to walk 10.000 steps to campaign a healthier life.

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Identifies product or service with an idea

The empty bottles have to be crushed in order to ease the company to recycle them.  Because the bottles are made of different kind of plastic, so it will be easier to be crushed. The company uses this idea to make the environment a better place to live.]

Beswan Djarum (Djarum Cigarette Company sponsors a scholarship)
This product provides and sponsors a scholarship for students in the country.

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Identifies product or service with a symbol.

Sampoerna (Cigarettes)
When you see this logo, you will recognise it. This product, even though it is unhealthy, is very popular in this society. It has created many events and sponsored many events in this country.

5. Snob Appeal
Associates product or service with a personality or lifestyle.

Bellagio Perfume
In this ad, the talent drives a sport car, he also has a nice and big house, and a great job. It indicates the lifestyle of the people in the ad, and in the reality.

6. Cause and Effect
Use this product or service, then your problems will disappear.
TRESEmmé Hair Treatment
The talent in the ad wants her hair to be beautiful every morning when she wakes up. So the product offers the formulas to make her problems disappear.

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7. Emotional Appeal
Uses emotion to sell a product or service (pity, fear, happiness, patriotism, etc)

The ad makes us feel pity and also happy at the same time. The pity is because it is so sad that before, they had to consume dirty water. And the happiness is now they can consume the clean and healthy water anytime they need.

8. Price Appeal
Consumers will be getting something extra for less money

.•Lifebuoy Anti Hair Fall Shampoo
You can get 2 sachets of the product for only Rp. 500,-.

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9. Testimonial
Someone endorses their product.

Harpic Toilet Cleaner
The actress here casts as herself, who can prove to the other people that this product is working well. She asks the housewives from the neighborhood to join her, in order to show them the demo of how the product works. In the end, the people say their comments about the product.

10. Sex Appeal
The product will enhance your sexual attractiveness

AXE Effect
The waitress in the café smells the man’s scent and write down her phone number on the bun with the sauce of the hotdog in a seductive way.

11. Bandwagon
Uses peer pressure to influence the consumer if everyone else is doing it, so should you

Kecap ABC
The boy doesn’t want to eat his mother’s cook, because she doesn’t use the same product as her neighbor. So because of that she immediately replaces the old product with this product.

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12. Confusion
Gains the consumer’s attention by confusing them, and then retains the attention as the consumer tries to figure out the message.

Axis (A cell phone provider)
In the ad, the advertiser makes the audience confused about the expression that the talents are expressing without knowing why until the scene shows the reason.

13. Technical Jargon
Uses technical words to impress the consumer.

Dove Hair Fall Treatment
This product uses “Micro Moisture Serum” and “Trichazole” to express and impress the consumer. It will give the consumer a thought that this product will moisture the hair by using those words.

14. Transfer
Associates the product with words or ideas that may or may not be related to the product. The association seeks the transfer to certain the qualities.

The ad explains about the importance of washing hands in a proper way. This idea was supported by this product.

15. Name Calling
The advertiser compares its product or service to the competition in a way that is favorable to the advertiser.

The talent says that she wouldn’t ever want to be an ambassador for any other products. Because the others are not good.

16. Plain Folks
The advertiser tries to identify its products with common people just like you.

Vicks 44
The talent coughs pretty bad, so the advertiser hyperbolized the talent by making him a giant to represent the loud voice he makes. Then one of his neighbor recommend and identifies the product to him.

17. Glittering Generality
The viewer is given a general feeling about the product, but not much else.

CSL Blueberry G7 Transformers
It’s not like any other phones. The device can be attached to the keypad module or the touchscreen module.

18. Facts and Figures
Statistics and objective factual information are used to prove the superiority of the product.

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo
The ad shows us from the scene, that the product is a lab-tested. And our hair will be smoother and easier to handle in 2 weeks.

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19. Weasel Words
Are used to suggest a positive meaning without really making any guarantee.

Close Up (Toothpaste)
The description in the ad says that your teeth will look whiter, but doesn’t say that they will guarantee it.

20. Wit and Humour
Customers are attracted to products that divert the audience by giving viewers reason to left or to be entertained by clever use of visual oral language.

Tango Wafer “Spiderman”
There are 2 children in the ad trying to make the “Spiderman” take off the mask. They tempt him with the product to make him eat it so he would take off his mask. Then it works, the “Spiderman” takes the product, and that makes him open the mask.