Minau Island is a flower island located in Germany. This island lies just off the shores of Lake Constance in Baden-Württemberg in the far south-west of Germany, close to Switzerland and Austria. With 45 hectares of land, and it is home to an extraordinary diversity of trees, flowers and shrubs.

259088_d3f4a2e84d09a9cf72e0b734ccabc513_largeIt is a very beautiful and romantic island, you can come with your friend, family, or even your partner. Every year more than a million visitors come to this island.



Mainau Island has few attractions, there are 13th century baraque palace, around here there is an Italian rose garden, from June to August around 9000 roses of nearly 400 varieties blossom into flowers. There are a palm house with its collection of 1200 orchids. there are also the biggest butterfly house in Germany which contains 1000 examples of exotic species. This Island also has a children’s park with a playground, the Märklin garden railway, floral animals, farm, petting zoo, and pony rides.


Tulpenblüte vor dem Schloss, Insel Mainau, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland


Mainau Island is also a popular wedding island, every year around hundreds of couples get married here.


The flower season begins in spring with an orchids show in the palm house and a million tulips bloom from March until May. Rhododendrons follow the tulips, and in summer another 350.000 flowers are on display. Dahlias bloom in September, pleasing visitors. There are other flowers like Narassi, Peonis, Hydrongeas, Hibiscus bloom here.


How to reach the island

By passenger boat. BSB, a.k.a. the Bodensee Schiffsbetriebe, serves Mainau from Meersburg and Unteruhldingen, on the northern side of Lake Constance. Travel time between Meersburg and Mainau is 20 to 25 minutes. Meersburg has connecting services on the mainline BSB passenger boats, which serve villages and towns along the lake’s, and on the Konstanz-Meersburg car ferries. (Timetables vary with the season, so check ahead.)

By bus. The No. 4 local bus from the Konstanz railroad station stops at Mainau; alternatively, the ErlebnisBus offers service between Salem and Uhldingen, where you can catch a boat to Mainau.

By car. Mainau is near Konstanz (English: Constance), and the island is connected to the mainland by a short causeway. Parking is available.





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